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St.Paul Theological Enrichment Program Ontario, Canada
Introductory Statement:
The Coptic Orthodox Churches of Southwestern Ontario identified a great need to build-up the foundation of her children’s spiritual life and enhance their appreciation and understanding of the orthodox dogma. As many search for the truth, it is important for Christian Coptic Orthodox individuals to be “always prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks…the reason for the hope that [they] have” (1 Peter 3:15).
Although the basic source of sound doctrine is the Holy Bible, additional sources such as the sayings of the Fathers, the authenticated creeds of the holy councils, traditions recorded in the Church books, especially the ritual books, etc. will be used in delivering the true teachings.
Background Information:
Few years ago, discussions with His Holiness Late Pope Shenouda III were initiated regarding inaugurating a Coptic Seminary in Canada. His Holiness encouraged and supported the initial idea. During the 2006 North American Annual Coptic Clergy Seminar in Boston, MA USA, the subject was addressed with his Holiness once again and received His Holiness' blessings and support.
The directive from His Holiness was to debut the Seminary's first years as a theological enrichment program that will offer approved courses. His Holiness' approval was based on our usage of approved and well-known teachers and courses adapted from other accredited seminaries which is how SPTS seminary proceeded. The first fall semester started in October 2006.
Pioneer Class Graduation June 2012:
On Sunday June 10th, 2012 the first graduating class of St. Paul Theological Seminary, included: 19 graduates and 3 audits, together with 7 of the faculty staff attended the graduation ceremony after the Divine Liturgy in St. Mary Church. With the attendance of the entire church congregation and the graduates' families and guests, the ceremony started by a procession of the graduates, certificate handing, staff and students' speeches and the event was followed by a formal dinner in the evening at the Trinity Hall.
Continuation under the Diocese of Mississauga, Vancouver and Western Canada
His Holiness Pope Tawadros II is the 118th Successor of St. Mark the Evangelist and the successor of late Pope Shenouda the third. His Holiness established the first Coptic Orthodox Diocese in Canada as the Diocese of Mississauga, Vancouver and Western Canada in 2013. His Holiness Pope Tawadros II appointed His Grace Bishop Mina to oversee this Diocese who currently oversees all St Paul Theological School activities.

During the Papal visit in September 2014, His Holiness repeated many times in his church visits and in the 1st Canadian Clergy Seminar in the Valley of the Mother of God the importance of Theological schools in the lands of immigration. His Grace Bishop Mina together with Fr. Angelos Saad presented a report on the history, courses, and instructors of St Paul Theological School and His Holiness was pleased, blessed and encouraged the work.
Ongoing program improvements:
1. New starting Winter 2014 term: Prospective Canadian students from out of the province can start in an online learning program through Cisco WebEx program (Webinar program). Please register On-line as normal and indicate that you will need to setup WebEx , details will be emailed to you.
2. New starting Fall 2015 term: Diploma/Certificate in Orthodox and Coptic Christian Studies in conjunction with Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity, Orthodox School of Theology, University of Toronto. See upcoming course list and admission/ registration criteria in the Diploma Tab.
3. New Starting Winter 2016 term: Some courses will be offered through online, Please register On-line as normal and indicate that you will need to setup any of the Online offered courses , details will be emailed to you.

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